Pork is the basis of the diet in the Philippines, yet apart from rough cutting due to a total lack of training, there are few cured pork products. The “HAMy” Franchise aims to create a network of charcutiers who self-produce their own realizations but integrate Auvergne ham and sausage products for resale.

Charcuterie is a product made from pork meat or offal. The word also designates the store where this type of product is sold and all the professionals who sell it.

Charcuterie is particularly developed in regions and countries where pork farming has a long tradition (Auvergne, Alsace, Italy, Germany, etc.). We call an English plate a cold dish bringing together various cold meats.

  • Auvergne represents a region of France which is particularly prolific and produces high quality meats


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  • The quality of chaecuteries depends on the know-how of breeders and producers but also of sellers who collect customer comments


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  • Preparations based on pork sint multiple and varied especially in Auvergne-France which is one of the major regions of charcuterie


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